Telemedicine Platform Reviews

Telemedicine Platform Reviews

It’s important to do your homework before choosing a platform for doing telemedicine or telepsychiatry. So we’ve put together this telemedicine platform reviews list for you to find the best solution for your workflow.

Remember to ask your vendor if they are willing to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) as a first step to making sure you’re 100% HIPAA secure when you see patients online.

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Telemedicine Platform

1 Doc Way1 Doc Way has been around since 2011 and uses hourly pricing model at $25 per hour of video conference.
VSee telemedicine videoVSee is NASA’s official video chat + telemedicine platform aboard the International Space Station. It integrates secure health communications, virtual care workflows, and SDKs to easily build and grow any telehealth platform. Offerings include telemedicine kits & carts with medical devices.
American WellPowered by Vidyo, American Well is the platform used by LiveHealth Online, currently contracts health insurer Anthem / Wellpoint.
CarenaBased in Washington state, Carena provides a “virtual care model and configurable technology platform to let health systems offer care to consumers.” In addition to a virtual clinic platform, they provide digital marketing services to increase consumer awareness and utilization.
CarePathsBehavioral Health EHR and Practice Management platform with video, patient portal, scheduling, secure messaging, claims and billing management, and ePrescribe.
ChironHealthA brand-able telemedicine platform with insurance eligibility checking, scheduling, virtual waiting room, and video. ChironHealth stands out in that it guarantees private payer reimbursement for telemedicine video visits.
CloudVisitTelepsychiatry platform that recently (March 2015) launched its mobile app for iOS and Android devices; pricing starts at $150/month and includes scheduling.
DigiGoneSpecializing in low bandwidth maritime commmunications, DigiGone combines software application development and hardware integration for its video solutions. It is currently used by the George Washington University Emergency Medical Department’s Maritime Medical Access team to provide telemedicine.
Doxy.meBeautiful, thoughtfully planned, free platform that supports a waiting room workflow. Since it uses WebRTC for video, it does not support video calls on Internet Explorer or Safari. Mobile apps coming in May.
eVisiteVisit is telemedicine designed by providers, for providers. It provides 2-way HD video, ePrescribe, medical charting, automated patient engagement emails, and on-boarding support.
iPathA free, opensource store-and-forward platform for collaborative exchange of medical knowledge, distance consultations, group discussions and distance teaching in medicine; no video.
MedSymphonyPrimarily a proprietary EMR with video add-on option at $25 for 2 hours and $15 for each additional hour
REACH HealthGeorgia-based company providing interactive physician-to-patient telemedicine and telestroke solutions. Initially designed for telestroke, the system brings together videoconferencing, medical imaging, and patient data.
Secure TelehealthPlatform appears to be limited to PCs only; uses OmniJoin by Brother for video.
Secure VideoInitially focused on telepsychiatry, SecureVideo has been expanding its offerings. Its platform includes scheduling and optional PayPal integration. In addition, it has excellent technical support services.
SightCallFormerly Weemo, this is one of the early WebRTC-based video calling platforms out there.
SnapMDSecure, cloud based telemedicine technology
thera-LINKTelemental health platform with scheduling, ePay (via Stripe), and file storage, it offers a 15-day free trial and $45/month for unlimited video. It uses WebRTC video which means not supported on IE and Safari browsers.
VidyoVidyo’s low pricing may be deceptive because it doesn’t include hardware and maintenance costs. Read our Vidyo review here.
Virtual Care WorksMedical-grade network service provider that bundles communications solutions including videoconferencing, secure email, secure texting, and image archival.
Virtual Therapy ConnectFree for less than 5 hours of video; $50 per month for unlimited video conference; more pricing here
VirtuMedixComplete telemedicine platform with patient records, scheduling, and online payment; but uses the slowly-going-obsolete Flash-based video.
WeCounselTelehealth platform with an emphasis on behavioral health, including scheduling, messaging, and file storage. It’s currently offering a1 month free trial and $14.99/mo unlimited use; it uses Vidyo for video.
TruclinicA modular platform design that allows you to create and customize different workflows depending upon your needs.

Why Choose VSee

Each telemedicine platform providers has its pros and cons. However, VSee is so confident about its product solutions that it’s the only one who offers a VSee HIPAA Messenger app to try for free. VSee is also the minor few who offers its own video conference technology (VSee Messenger) and telehealth workflow technology (VSee Clinic) combined, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility and scalability.

For raw performance, VSee matches all the competitors excellent HD video quality with the bonus that group video calls are free and only requires a fraction of the bandwidth! This feature has been the essential factor of getting adoption from the majority of the patient.

VSee telemedicine solutions have also been trusted by thousands of medical group worldwide. Over the years, our telemedicine solutions have been refined to fit any medical workflow efficiently. Check out VSee complete telemedicine solution now!

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