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Reducing emergency visits by 30% with CCM Chronically ill patients in the US account for 81% of all hospital admissions, 76% of all physician visits and 90% of the $3.5 trillion of the US health budget. In 2015 Medicare began reimbursing clinicians for managing these complex patients via telehealth technology

The VSee Clinic 4.10.0 release includes new user roles and improvements to make your experience better than ever – coming this December 27th. New! User Admin Role and Scheduler Role Dashboard Updates for Better Visit Tracking & Team Coordination Faster Scheduling See what’s new below: 1. New Admin Role and

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Innovating Equitable Telehealth for LA County The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH) is the largest county-operated mental health department in the United States, directly operating 85+ programs and contracting with close to 1,000 organizations and individual practitioners. It’s goal is to reach 1.2M of its 10M residents

We’ve improved how you manage your Clinic’s storefront hours so you can save time and improve patient satisfaction. New! Auto display your Clinic Walk-in Hours (and availability status) New! Easily start appointments outside your Clinic Walk-in Hours  New! Notify providers when the waiting room status is unavailable 1. New! Auto

VSee is giving you more options to communicate faster and easier with VSee Messenger version 4.12.0 New! Dial Out to Phones New! Assign Multiple Hosts Take advantage of the new features you and your team will have access to: 1. New! Dial Out to Phones VSee now lets you dial

While everyone is doing telehealth, most are not happy with the experience for three key reasons: Not profitable No clinical impact No way to measure ROI and get actionable data This is the first in a series of three articles discussing each of these telehealth frustrations. Today we’ll talk about

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KonsultaMD, the largest telehealth consultation service in the Philippines with VSee telehealth technology is providing Filipinos with easy access to primary and specialist care no matter where they are located. COVID outbreaks are on the rise and hospitals are being overwhelmed with new cases. Now more than ever, patients need

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If there was any good that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was the evolution of telehealth and online doctor visits. While this technology did exist in the past, it has grown by leaps and bounds over the last year, and many people are benefiting, especially the elderly.  Many

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We’re proud to have Quest HealthConnect exhibiting inside our booth at HIMSS21. Join us in the Sands Expo Center in booth #2251. New Solutions – Quest Health Risk Assessments Quest HealthConnect kiosk and in-home tablet Health Risk Assessment solution for population telehealth. Learn about this Medicare-friendly solution for a simple

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Get smoother, faster telehealth delivery and management with the release of VSee Clinic 4.8.0 New! Redesigned Provider Dashboard. How to switch back to the old Dashboard. New! Multi-hosted Appointment Visits.   1. New Redesigned Provider Dashboard The new dashboard clarifies patient and meeting status to improve your triage capability and front

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CareConnect Health, one of the largest primary health care providers in state of Georgia, providing comprehensive health services in Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics-Gynecology, Infectious Diseases, Dentistry, and Behavioral Health is expanding its innovative in-school Virtual Care program to offer telehealth visits for teachers and students all over Georgia.  Pre-pandemic,

On May 6, Walmart announced they acquired telehealth company MeMD – sending a shockwave through the telehealth world. By expanding its virtual care offerings, Walmart is taking another step to dominate the retail clinic health space. Walmart’s takeover of retail healthcare Walmart has already set out to spend billions of

Since COVID-19’s requirement for social distancing, the pandemic has taught us all to pivot by minimizing exposure to other people. This change led to a boom in the field of telemedicine. From brick-and-mortar medical care to simply “clicking” on a screen, patients have never-before-seen online access to healthcare professionals, medications,

Drive COVID Vaccinations, Medication Adherence With AI Chatbots, Automation, Personalized Content… COVID has accelerated the adoption of telehealth and healthcare consumerism trends. According to CMS, at least 39% of Medicare enrollees have participated in telehealth since the pandemic. Surveys by McKinsey and NRC Health have both found very high satisfaction

To test connectivity for the 17 new video bridges please go to https://test.vsee.com/jvb During the test, make sure A webcam is connected to your computer Allow camera / microphone permission when being asked How to confirm if a video bridge test is successful Status should be Connected IP address for

VSee Clinic 4.7.0 is available now. Check out these new features and improvements: New! Go full screen in your 1-1 web-based calls New! Group appointments, faster scheduling, and more Improved remote patient monitoring (RPM): New data views, instant multiple device connection Improved Basic VSee Clinic: Manage subscriptions in new billing

We are excited to announce the VSee Messenger 4.11.0 update with features and improvements below: 1. New Mute Microphones for Moderators The Meeting Moderator now has the superpower to mute other participants’ microphones in one click. (The Meeting Moderator is automatically designated as the one who starts or first joins

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Photo by Mockup Graphics on Unsplash Today, chronic disease management continues to be one of the biggest challenges for both healthcare providers and their patients across the country.  One recent study shows that nearly half of all adults in the US have a chronic disease and, almost 33% of the

Image credit: Unsplash Due to the global health crisis, we’ve seen an unprecedented rise in virtual medical consultations all over the country. Indeed, the rapidly improving technologies in the telecommunications sector have allowed medical professionals to remotely service patients with ease during these distressing times. The telehealth market has significantly grown, and is

Summary: The VSee + Advantech telemedicine cart solution is providing accessible specialist Tele-ophthalmology care for elderly diabetics in rural Taiwan Diabetes is a chronic disease that currently affects approximately 463 million adults (aged 20 – 79 years) worldwide, according to the International Diabetes Federation. Over the next 10 years, the